Paczki Donut


PACZKI (Pączki) Packaging

PACZKI ( or Pączki, Pronounced: Punch-Key) is the Polish, jelly filled donut associated with Fat Tuesday and is traditionally made in Polish households and other eastern European countries in an effort to use up the eggs, shortening, and sugar before fasting in advance of the 40 days of Lent.  Herbert Holinko, a Polish-American leader and recipient of the Cavalier’s Cross, Poland’s highest civilian award, signs the PACZKI tradition story on the side of our box.   Because of our heritage and involvement in promoting the Polish culture, Paper Products Company was awarded the ribbon of The Order of St. Stanislas of which we proudly display on the side of our PACZKI boxes.


Our PACZKI packaging is the most original and authentic available in the food packaging industry. Call us for details on how we can help you market your PACZKI through effective and tested packaging and promotional offerings.

Standard Sizes:
* custom sizes available upon request

    13” x 9” x 3 ½” (holds up to 18 doughnuts)

    9” x 7” x 3 ½” (holds up to 8 doughnuts)

    12” x 8” x 2 ¼” (holds up to 6 doughnuts)

    8” x 8” x 2 ½” (holds up to 4 doughnuts)

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