Delivering a solution that makes your packaging look as good as the food inside. 

We Know Food Packaging

Packaging design that reflects your unique brand is critical but what about the food?  Our knowledge of food packaging ensures the right materials are used for your product.

  • sensitive for hot & cold foods
  • oil and moisture resistant
  • coating to prevent soaking thru
  • durable paperboard substrates
  • breathable windowing technology

Design Process

Ideas become reality with our innovative structural design team. Our award-winning creative team uses the most comprehensive software suites to design and engineer packaging solutions.

Whether you are looking to showcase or protect your product, Paper Products Company is ready to create customized solutions for your product. Our experienced design team allows us to quickly turn around original design ideas or even import your existing design files in any number of formats to replicate your existing packaging.

Material Selection

Our experience in paperboard substrate technology is second to none and our team will guide you through the selection process based on the type of food, weight, how it will be loaded, stored and stacked, visibility of the product, as well as making sure we meet your overall business objectives for quality, brand appeal and budget.

  • SBS - solid bleach sulfate
  • CUK (SUS) - coated unbleached board
  • CRB - coated recycled board
  • URB - uncoated recycled board
  • SBS foil - foiled laminated SBS boards



We offer a variety of manufacturing processes for both custom and stock cartons including:

  • sheet fed offset
  • web flexographic printing
  • web fed die cutting
  • high speed windowing
  • high speed folder gluers
  • imprinting, and specialty coatings

Warehousing & Just-in-Time Delivery

We have over 105,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space dedicated to our clients’ inventory.  This allows us to run large quantities of finished packaging and store them – saving you money.  When you run low, we’ll be ready to send your next shipment just when you need it.


Smart Inventory Management

As your trusted packaging partner, we understand that you may have a limited amount of space for storing extra cartons.  Our advanced inventory management system keeps track of how much you use and sends you an advanced alert indicating when it’s time to reorder.  That way you’ll never run out and won’t have to keep a lot of inventory on hand.