Paper Products Company is committed to a sustainable future for our families, our communities and our customers.  We use environmentally-friendly paperboard that can be printed with full color graphics for maximum impact.

Materials from Environmentally Friendly Sources

We offer a variety of eco-friendly material choices to aid environmentally conscientious customers in their packaging needs. Our current line of products includes cartons that are made from 50% post-consumer recycled paper material, responsibly harvested virgin wood pulp, and fast-growing pine fiber alternatives such as eucalyptus. Some of our long-standing practices include using low VOC and vegetable based inks, recyclable water base coatings, and water based printing and gluing.  We heavily rely on natural alternatives that avoid the environmental and health hazards associated with traditional solvent based printing.

Recycle 100% Paperboard

We have undertaken an ambitious recycling program to do our part in keeping our earth healthy by recycling 100% of paperboard scrap from our manufacturing process. 

Operational Efficiency

We’ve retrofitted all of our lighting fixtures to high efficiency low impact LED lighting and upgraded our utilities, heating and cooling systems for maximum efficient energy consumption.

Our "Moon Tree"

This sycamore tree planted in the front of our building grew from a seed carried around the moon by Apollo 14’s Command Module in January 1971.  The seed was one of 500 taken aboard Apollo to study the effects of prolonged weightlessness on seed germination and seeding growth.  Long live our beautiful Moon Tree.  Click below for more information from NASA on the moon tree.